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Brazos River Authority Hiking Trail
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Possum Kingdom State Park
This state park features camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, biking and boating. There are playgrounds for children and clean shower facilities. Located approximately 40 miles west of The Cliffs in Caddo.
P.O. Box 70 Caddo, TX 76429
(940) 549-1803

Graham Town Square
Downtown Graham has long been a popular destination and underwent revitalization in 1994. With a historic look, antique and other unique retail and hometown charm, Graham is enjoyable for the whole family. Located approximately 25 miles NW of The Cliffs in Graham.

Hell’s Gate
This rock formation is one of the most impressive natural features found on a Texas lake. Be sure to have a local tell you the story of how Hell's Gate got its name. Abundant wildlife and a beautiful view make this a must see for all lake-goers. Ask the staff at The Cliffs for more information and directions.

Morris Sheppard Dam
Morris Sheppard Dam is a water conservation and hydroelectric power project. Take a breathtaking tour of the first project to be built and owned by the Brazos River Authority. The dam was completed in 1941 and named after United States Senator Morris Sheppard of Texas. Located off State Route 16 near The Cliffs.

Scuba Diving
Possum Kingdom Lake is the home of Scuba Point, a diving facility housing the largest tank-filled station in the state. For adventure-seekers, Scuba Point offers scuba diving certification courses. Scuba diving is only allowed within 150 feet of a shoreline. Located five miles from The Cliffs in Graford.
3201 Redbird Road Graford, TX 76449
(940) 779-2482


Bass Performance Hall
Located in downtown Fort Worth, Bass Hall is home to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Texas Ballet Theater and many other concerts and shows throughout the year. Located approximately 75 miles east of The Cliffs in Fort Worth.
330 E. 4th Street Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 212-4200

Fort Worth Zoo
The Fort Worth Zoo has over 5000 animals and is the only zoo in the nation to house representatives of all four Great Ape species.
1989 Colonial Parkway Fort Worth, TX 76110
(817) 759-7555

Sundance Square/Fort Worth Stockyards
The center of downtown Fort Worth, Sundance Square has 20 blocks of dining, shopping and entertainment. Just north of downtown is the Stockyards, which features unique retail shops and dining and the world famous Bill Bob’s Texas. (817) 255-5700 (817) 625-9715