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Double Diamond, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Developer in Dallas, TX
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Host a Golf Tournament

Modified Shotgun

For events under 50 golfers, you may request a modified shotgun.This is where a portion of the players start at once on the number one tee, and use another portion of the golf course to begin play at the same time players tee off on the number one tee. This is a compromise for large groups under 50 golfers so that most will finish within a short window of time.

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Full Shotgun

The Cliffs Resort requires a minimum of 50 players for a “shotgun start” outing. Those events are great because you all tee off at the same time, so you all finish at the same time. This makes it easier for everyone to eat together and to announce winners etc. Shotgun events normally take place early in the morning. If you want an afternoon shotgun, a fee is normally added to offset the course having to be closed a few hours prior to the event to clear the course.

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With a 4 ½ star rating from Golf Digest, The Cliffs consistently maintains its status as one of the most spectacular courses in the state of Texas. The course is a direct reflection of the designers, renowned golf course architects, Bruce Devlin and Robert Von Hagge, who have utilized traditional design elements while capitalizing on the natural beauty of this largely untouched land, blending native vegetation with the rugged beauty of a modern championship golf course.

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